26 by 27 List

Lovelies! Today I turn 26 years old and boy oh boy is it a weird and wonderful feeling. Weird because that means I am closer to 30 than I am to 20 and wonderful because my day has been full of love from all my friends and family. My sister and her family video chatted with me this morning, my facebook friends wrote amazing things on my page (one even wrote me a funny poem, thanks Travis!), I just got off the phone with my mother who chatted with me for an hour, and I am waiting on my favorite part of the day (a phone call from my grandparents who sing to me every year). :) All in all, a good day (and tonight T is taking me to my favorite little place, Lotus Leaf)!

The older I get the faster time seems to pass. I have so many memories from the past 26 years and I want to keep things going with a few goals to put my 26th year to good use: a list of 26 things to accomplish before I turn 27.

  1. upgrade my camera Done!
  2. practice hand lettering Done
  3. get new glasses On their way!
  4. label the polaroids Done and put in a cute album
  5. have a tea party Done
  6. cook an all gluten free/vegetarian Thanksgiving Done
  7. wear perfume everyday Done. T bought me perfume for Christmas!
  8. go on an impromptu weekend trip Done!
  9. practice my painting skills started
  10. determine my personal style and purge everything from my wardrobe Moved and did that
  11. read 12 books beginning to
  12. buy a record player and some albums Done and Done
  13. go develop my first roll of film Done!
  14. write and illustrate a short story (that I probably won’t let anyone read…maybe) :)
  15. dye the tips of my hair with a fun color Instead of color I went short!
  16. collaborate with someone about something (real vague I know!)
  17. clean out and organize our tiny hall closet We moved
  18. make a painting using that big ass canvas I bought this summer
  19. makeover my photography website Not done because I’ve decided to get out of photo biz
  20. go on more walks with T Done
  21. host a party with my girl friends Done
  22. sew something getting there, much better
  23. photograph all my friends for fun Mostly done
  24. sell an art piece
  25. throw an awesome murder mystery party Done!
  26. update my address book and send some snail mail Done thanks to Happy Mail

Peach + love, Jaclyn

inspired by: Amanda and Elsie photo by: Tiffany of T.Marie Photography