27 by 28 List

Hello kittens! Today I turn 27. I really don’t feel 27, I keep thinking my sister is 27 and I’m 25. Welp, that’s not true because we keep getting older (sorry seester, but we do). And the older I get, the weirder it gets. I learn things every year about myself, about my friends and family and about relationships. This past year has been a roller coaster of emotions, both happy and sad. To highlight a few ups: We took in another kitty cat, we moved out of downtown and into a cute house by the river, I visited Disney World with my sister and her family (post coming soon) and we bought a car! We bought a car because our old car got stolen. :( So that was a bummer, but c’est la vie.


Onto the list! I didn’t finish all of my bucket list for 26 by 27, so I think I’ll roll them over into this years list. I don’t feel bad for not finishing all of them, it actually gives me more drive to finish this years bucket list! Most of the things on my list are related to traveling, being with friends and family, and decorating/art making for the house. Eh, what can I say? I love all those things!

  1. write and illustrate a short story
  2. collaborate with someone about something
  3. quit being lazy and paint on my big ass canvas that’s been collecting dust
  4. sell an art piece
  5. organize all my favorite recipes in one place
  6. watch a well-known movie I’ve never seen Done (I watched The Sixth Sense)
  7. go on an adventure with T for our 10 year anniversary (post anniversary since we just bought a car)
  8. update my website so it’s easier to navigate
  9. host a tea party Done
  10. decorate our home with art from friends
  11. print and hang photos of friends and family for the walls in our home Done
  12. go to the pumpkin patch Done
  13. decorate the mantle that is in my office Done
  14. go on a real picnic (with a basket and everything)
  15. transform our bedroom into a space that I love
  16. create more DIYs for this blog and post them
  17. be more proactive, and plan 6 get-togethers with friends (girls night, game night, movie night, craft day) 1. Picnic // 2. Tea Party // Camping
  18. throw another awesome murder mystery party Done
  19. trip with friends Done
  20. visit my sister’s family more often
  21. go on a photography walk with just myself
  22. take and post more skillshare classes
  23. practice hand lettering
  24. take and share photos of my office (either on blog, instagram, facebook)
  25. go on more dates with T (antiquing, movies, etc)
  26. cook more with T in our kitchen
  27. read 12 books

Peach + love, Jaclyn

P.S. First photo by Neal of Neal Dieker Photography. Second photo by Allie of Allie Burns Photography