Artist Tools No. 01

I have a confession. I love pens! Since I was a kid I would deck out my trapper keeper with all my friends names with different gel pens. In Middle School I would write letters to my girls with every colored pen I had (sparkly ones too). In High School I would draw my art in pens to later paint. And in College I would sketch out my graphic design thumbnails in pens. Pretty much….I have a love affair with pens.

That’s what got me into fountain pens a few years ago and calligraphy in the past year. Handwriting is an amazing art form and I wanted to share with you my newest members (plus some older pens) from my collection (cough…beginning of a hoarder?) :)

Artist Tools No. 01 | lovely to meet you

A list of all the pens and links to buy them (both and amazon):

Pilot Futayaku Double-Sided Brush Pen - Fine / Medium - Black Ink. This pen is great if you want to write some bigger thicker letters with the medium side and then add some details/flourishes with the finer tip. The downside to this pen is that once the ink dries up, you throw it out (better yet, recycle it!). I’m a fan of pens that you can refill yourself or get ink cartridges for. Saves you money and save the world one less plastic pen at a time.

Uni Brush Pen Set - Gray Fine & Broad Tip. This set comes with a gray and two black pens (fine and broad tips). I love the carrying case that came with it. Each pen has a “button” of sorts, that click into the case securing them nicely. That way I won’t lose them in my bag. So far I have used the gray as accents in my drawings, but I like this set overall. Again, once the ink dries up, you can’t refill it. So I might not get this one again because I’d rather have pens that I can refill it with ink.

Pentel Pocket Brush Pen for Calligraphy. This bad boy is amazing! It’s weird at first to write with since the tip is very soft and flexible. Meaning, the hairs aren’t as densely packed, letting the movements of your hand dictate the flow of the ink. It takes more control to use a softer tip. But so far, I love the outcome of it. (will show photos of lettering on my Instagram soon.) This pen comes with ink cartridges, so I will get more when the time comes.

Micron Pens. Ah, my love for Micron Pens. I started with a variety pack to see which sizes I liked best. And at first, I liked the broader tips more than the tiny .25mm tips, but with more practice and need for such tiny lines in my art, I have since migrated into loving the these tiny tip pens. All about personal preference with these guys. These pens are ones that I will repurchase once they dry out. They are the exception to my refillable pens.

Lamy Pen. This was my first fountain pen. It was a gift from T, and I love it because 1. it’s easy to have in my purse, and 2. he bought me purple ink to fill it with. And it’s super cool to bust out my purple fountain pen to use on a daily basis.

Le Pen. What a smooth pen this is! It writes so smoothly and the pigment in the color is divine. My sister gave me this pen for my birthday and I love writing my to do lists with it. And such a fun color!

Artist Tools No. 01 | lovely to meet you

Here is a close up of the Pilot Futayaku Double-Sided Brush Pen (Futayaku meaning “two uses”).

Artist Tools No. 01 | lovely to meet you

A close up of the Uni Brush Pen Set.

Artist Tools No. 01 | lovely to meet you

What pens do you like to use? Do you make art with them or are you a list making type of person?

Peace + love, Jaclyn