Board Game Collection

Hello hello hello! I have another confession to make: I love board games! I love hanging with friends and family to play them. I love learning easy and hard games. I pretty much just love games. And when Wil Wheaton started a youtube channel for Table Top Games it just made me that more excited to play some good ol’ board games. It’s nice to watch them play a game to see if we want to buy it and to learn how to play the game before we even crack open the instructions! They also are doing another live stream of Table Top Day that is on April 11th! Check out the end of this post to see where you can be a part of it in Wichita.

I’m going to do this post a bit different with photo first then words about each game. I normally do words then photo, but I thought it might be easier to see the games before I talk about them. And beware, I wrote a lot because we have a lot of games!

2 player games

T and I love board games, but playing games that are designed for more people aren’t always fun with just 2 people. And that is why we’ve accumulated a few 2 player games.

board games

Morels: The most adorable game ever! You are walking through the forest foraging for mushrooms. As you collect like mushrooms you cook them in a frying pan to rack up points. The person with the most points at the end wins! You can get bonus points by picking up butter or apple cider and frying them with the mushrooms or foraging at night (night cards). But beware the Destroying Angel, because it will ruin the mushrooms in the forest! Pick up baskets along the way so you can hold more cards mushrooms in them. :) The artwork is beautiful and I just love this game.

TZAAR: “TZAAR is a game about making choices. Both players have 30 pieces, divided in three types: 6 Tzaars, 9 Tzarras and 15 Totts. The 3 types of pieces form a trinity: they cannot exist without each other. The aim is either to make the opponent run out of one of the three types of pieces or to put him in a position in which he cannot capture anymore.” This is a fun strategy game and easy to knock out a game in 20-30 minutes. It’s perfect for when we invite our friends over at like 7:00 and it’s 6:30 and we want to start playing games. :)

Summoner Wars: Since our other two 2 player games are pretty easy (and pretty looking!), T wanted a game with a bit more complexity to it. Imagine chess meeting Magic: The Gathering. This is a card battling game where you are a summoner and you want to kill your opponents summoner before you die. You both have your posse that will attack for you and take damage so you don’t have to. It’s a really fun game and so far I have won one and T has won one. You could play with up to 4 people, but you’d need another board (battling grounds). For now, we’ll just keep it as a 2 player game.

2-4 player games

board games

Love Letter (boxed edition) or bag edition: This game is a lot of fun and easy to learn. My Grandma even played it and liked it! Not saying she can’t figure out games, I’m just saying that everyone can play this game and have fun. :) The goal of this game is to get your ‘love letter’ to the Princess before everyone else. To do so, you must use each card against your opponents, knocking them out early each round or having the highest number in your hand at the end of the round. The Princess card is an 8, the Countess is a 7, King a 6, all the way down to a Guard who is a 1. Each card has it’s abilities written on it, so it’s easy to figure out what to do. For example, if you play/lay down the Guard card you get to choose an opponent and guess what is in their hand (except you can’t guess Guard). The Priest’s card lets you see what another player’s hand is, which is good because then your next turn if you pick up or have a Guard card you can guess (i.e. you already know what it is) and knock them out of that round. Huzzah! With 4 players, the first to get 4 letters to the Princess (i.e. win 4 rounds) is the winner. With 3 players it’s more letters, with 2 players it’s even more letters.

Splendor: Oh what a fun and easy game. The goal is to get to 15 (or more) points. To get points you must first collect gems (poker like chips with gems on them) to get development cards (some are worth points some are not (aka, this is how you get to your 15 points, by racking up cards with points on them)). The development cards are also gems that help you get more development cards. You choose your strategy: start with smaller dev cards to help get more expensive dev cards or hoard all the gem tokens to buy the most expensive dev cards. :) This is a fun game and I’m glad we have it in our collection.

2-6 player games

board games

Forbidden Desert (2-5 players): A co-op game where you all work together to find missing pieces of an aircraft before you die of thirst or get buried alive under sand. It’s not as morbid as I just made it, but a really fun game that involves teamwork and strategy.

Munchkin Zombies (3-6 players): You’re a zombie knocking down doors eating braaaains, dressing your zombie in armor, attacking “monsters” and racing to the top of the game board. This is a fun game where you get to backstab your opponents and kill them (again). :)

Jamaica (2-6 players): Pirate ship racing game. ’Nuff said. lol. But really, you race around the island spending food and gold tokens, shooting your opponents with cannons and hoping for the most booty (gold coins) in the end. May the fastest and richest win!

Ticket To Ride 10th Anniversary or regular edition (2-5 players): Collect cards, build trains, and finish your destination tickets for points. The person with the most points wins the game! I love this game and how I learn the cities of the United States (and some Canadian ones too). There are other maps as well; Europe, Germany, Asia, and more!

Once Upon A Time (2-6 players): Pictured below. Anyway, this is a fun game for people who like to get creative and tell a story. Each player has a handful of cards in their hands (story telling cards and an ending card), one person starts the story weaving in their cards to come up with a story that is aiming towards the ending card in their hand. The fun part is that other players can use their cards to interrupt the Storyteller and guide the story towards their ending card. The first person to use all of their cards and make it to their ending, wins the game!

Sentinels of the Multiverse Rock City and Infernal Relics and Sentinels of The Multiverse Enhanced Card Game: (2-5 players, tho you could scale it up to more by adding extra villains, etc) Pictured below. This game was one T wanted and I had no idea what is was about. lol. But I have to say, I like it. This is a co-op comic-book themed card game where you and your friends are heroes battling against a villain and the environment. Sound easy? Oh, but it is not, the cards are designed to make it hard to vanquish the villain, but it is possible. Each person takes a turn using their card abilities against the villain and/or environment to destroy them. The v+e also takes a turn to attack the heroes!

Big party (aka lots of people) games

board games

Werewolf: We haven’t played this game yet, just got it, but it’s similar to Mafia that T and I played last year. I’ll let the product description tell ya what it’s all about. :) With this game there are Villagers and Werewolves. “The Villagers don’t know who the Werewolves are, and the Werewolves are trying to remain undiscovered while they slowly eliminate the Villagers one at a time. A Moderator (who isn’t on a team) runs the game. Ultimate Werewolf takes place over a series of game days and nights. Each day, the players discuss who among them is a Werewolf and vote out a player. Each night, the Werewolves choose a player to eliminate, while the Seer learns whether one player is a Werewolf or not. The game is over when either all the Villagers or all the Werewolves are eliminated.” Sounds like a whole lotta fun with a big group!

Telestrations 12 party pack: Before we bought this game we would play it with paper and pencils, but that took a long while to cut each person a set of papers (especially with a big group). So when we saw this we were very excited. The goal of the game is to have fun and laugh. And to do so, each person gets their own erasable sketch book, marker and words card. You roll the die to see what your secret word is. The timer gets turned and each person draws on the first page what their word is. At the end of the time, you pass your sketch pad to the left. Then each player looks at drawing (not secret word) and writes down what they think it is. Pass again. Look at word written, turn timer, draw that guess and pass book. Continue doing this until your original sketch book is back. Then everyone reveals their “story” and there are sure to be some big laughs. This game is similar to ‘telephone’ and ‘pictionary.’

Our first games in the apartment

board games

These board games were ones both T and I brought from home when we moved out last year (and I forgot to take photos of them with the others in their groups). Two are for 2-6 players and one is a 2 team game.

221 Baker Street (2-6 players): My mom found this game at a garage sale for $1 and didn’t know what it was about, but for $1 and to have all the pieces, she scooped it up and it became a favorite of our family. The game is set as if you are Sherlock Holmes traveling in a time machine throughout history figuring out mysteries. The goal is to figure out the mystery that you read at the beginning by moving around the board to different rooms and collecting clues. There’s not a whole lot of talking in this game, but a lot of writing down the clues you acquire and figuring it out. The clues don’t just spell it out for you, you gotta use your brain! The first person back to the time machine with the correct guess of the killer, weapon and motive is the winner!

Cranium (2 teams): but there are newer versions too! Just a fun game with two teams. :) Each team rolls the dice, lands on a colored space, and does whatever the corresponding colored card says to do. You could be answering a multiple choice question, acting out a word, or humming a tune to your team to figure out. The first team to the end wins!

Risk (2-6 players): This is T’s game he kept from home. Pretty much you have an army and you are aiming to dominate the whole world! You are attack opponents that occupy a country by rolling dice and taking each of their armies one by one so you can occupy it. The first person to control all the counties is the winner. Look here for more rules because it’s hard to explain how to play. lol. But I do like this game! Even tho it take a long while to finish.

board games

Old games my family has had for a while:

  1. My Dad made this cribbage board a long while ago. T and I like to play it with toothpicks as the markers for each whole. lol. One day we’ll find a better option, but for now it’s fine.
  2. Dominos, because who doesn’t love dominos? You can play the actual game, or line them up to knock them over.
  3. Anyone remember going to Cracker Barrel and having this triangle game on the tables? I sure do! I also have great memories of going to my Grandma June’s house and her having one too.
  4. Cards. Always gotta have a deck of cards to play!
  5. Rummy. Found this old set at an antique store and T loves Rummy. I grew up playing Progressive Rummy, but they are all fun games!
  6. Dice. Another thing you gotta have. We love playing ’Round the bend (aka Farkel).

Okay, back to how I normally post, words then photo.

Card tin…

board games

…full of cards! Who da thunk?!

board games

In this household we have a Winner’s Game board to keep track of who’s the most awesome at winning. lol. Sadly, I am only in second place, but don’t you worry…I’ll come out on top soon enough. :) Our rules are simple, you need to win a game to get your name on the board, but there needs to be at least 3 people from the Winners Game board playing that game to count your win. Tricky, but not impossible…look at all the names on the board!

board games

Also, big fan of King of Tokyo and King of New York, our friend owns them, so we play when we all get together.


You get through all of that? I applaud you if you did. It took me a long while to write this post, but I’m glad I did. Now when someone asks me what board games I like I can send them this link!

Now…what shall you do with all of this knowledge about games?

  1. Get with friends that have board games and play them.
  2. Buy one or two online that suit you and your gaming needs.
  3. Go to your local game store and buy them there.
  4. If your in Wichita, try out Hero Complex to try out games and play them there. They have a bookcase full of games and tons of tables. They are even going to be a part of the world wide International Tabletop Day this year! Wohoo!

What games do you play? What are your favorites? Are there any games that we must add to our collection? Let me know in the comments below so everyone can read them!

Peace + love, Jaclyn