Calligraphy No. 1

Hello hello hello! My how the weekend flew by. I spent it immersed in calligraphy on Saturday, friends that evening with a show of The Travel Guide (my favorite local band) and a movie with family yesterday. All in all, a fun filled weekend. My most excited news is this beautiful calligraphy kit by The Hive Studio. I got a deal on Black Friday and was excited to receive it. I know I have done some calligraphy this past year, but my inner calligrapher wanted this kit! haha! What can I say? I love art supplies.

calligraphy box

Lindsey personalized it with my name. Aww!

my name

The kit.

whats included

I was a little surprised that there wasn’t a top to the box…and that the box was more of a crate, but it’s growing on me. That just means I will still be on the hunt for the perfect box to hold all my calligraphy needs in it. :)

opening box

This kit is quite small FYI. So if you are wanting a bigger one (like with full sized sheets, etc) I would suggest something else.

welcome sheet

The beautiful welcome sheet that gets me giddy to begin writing!

welcome sheet

Included are a few how to sheets…

how to sheets

…and an alphabet sheet.

the alphabet sheet

Also inside the kit is a wooded pen holder, a pipete for mixing inks, nib, and black ink.

holder nib ink

Everything! :) There are a few tiny assorted sheets of paper to practice on and a resources page.

calligraphy kit all

I’m a sucker for beautiful packaging and this is a beaut!

calligraphy kit up close

It came with the Nikko G nib, a great beginners nib and one of my favorites to use!


I immediately put the nib in the holder to test it out. Feels different from my personal pen holder, but I’ll give it a go.

nib in holder

Now that I have this kit and burst of creativity, I plan on writing more with calligraphy to practice, make cards and art for friends and family, but really excited to write more blog posts about my journey with calligraphy. I started rounding up my supply list, links, books, etc to share in a future post in case anyone else wants to learn with me. So stay tuned for more calligraphy posts!

I know I have a handful of _______ No. 1 posts, but the new year is approaching and that always gets me in the mood to create!

Peace + love, Jaclyn