Calligraphy No. 2

Hello kitty cats! I am happy to share with you some more calligraphy goodness. I thought I would start with my supplies. It’s not a whole lot, but enough to keep me busy and learning.

calligraphy supplies

First up, pen holders. I have three, but have only really used the middle one. Mostly because it’s the one I’ve had the longest and the other two I’ve only gotten recently, but excited to use them. Especially the oblique one. I’ve played with it just once since I got it (the other day) and it’s really weird to hold and write with, but with lots of practice I’m sure I’ll get it down. :)

Straight pen holders are great for beginners and lefties. It take a while and some practice to get used to the feel of a nib instead of your usual pens, but the results are stunning once you get the hang of it.

calligraphy pen holders and nibs

Here is the Nikko G nib in the oblique pen I got from Rodger’s Pen Box and in the straight pen holder. It’s my favorite nib as a newbie and I suggest it to all of my friends who want to learn calligraphy. The holder on the right is good for someone who wants two different nibs and only a budget for one pen holder. I haven’t played with this one as much, but thought I would include it in case someone wanted to try it (I have a few friends who use it and like it).

calligraphy pen holders with nikko g nib

Onto the nibs, like I said before, the Nikko G nib is my favorite thus far, but I do have others I like to use as well.

calligraphy nib names

Also, this cute tin to hold the nibs. :)

calligraphy nibs

Here are a few inks that I use. Not pictured (because I used it all up) is the Higgins Ink, it is great for beginners. Since I used it all up I have upgraded to Sumi ink, by accident I ordered the huge 15oz size not realizing it (how one does that, I do not know.). So I’ll have ink for ages. :)

sumi ink

I also love me some white and gold inks! They make everything so much prettier and I swear, that gold ink is magic in a bottle. I love the way it sparkles and leaves a beautiful glitterness to the final piece. The white inks are stunning too. I used them when I addressed my sister’s baby shower invites. They were a hit and added the perfect touch to each envelope.

calligraphy inks

Oh la la! Talk about beautiful glitteryness! I came across this Finetec palette while perusing online and bought it to try out. It is beautiful! The only down side was that I thought the bronzes were actually gold (the online shop didn’t have a list of colors, so I was going at it with just photos). They do have a gold palette, which I will eventually get because gold is my favorite color!

With this palette you need a brush and some water. You add the water until you get the consistency you want, brush it onto your nib, and begin writing.

finetec palette

List of each color.

finetec names

How I store my calligraphy stuff: I use a tray that came from a sewing box! It’s easy to move from my calligraphy drawer to the table when I need to practice. It also is great for when I go to a friends house to practice because I can put the inks in the sewing box and put the lid on top. I’ll have to get a photo of it all together soon to show you. Anyway, I like to keep my pen holders, pens (for faux calligraphy) and pencils (for sketching out design before hand) in the top part. My tin full of nibs, eraser, small bottle of ink, matches (it’s one way to get the factory wax coating off fresh new nibs), and my ink holder in the smaller compartments. This way, everything is nice and tidy.

calligraphy supplies in tray

The wonderful world of paper. I say get the good stuff, because crappy paper will result in crappy calligraphy. That said, there are still budget friendly papers that are perfect for starting out and finished products.

Vellum is best to start with. It’s smooth and a bit transparent so you can slip guidelines under it or a sheet with the alphabet to trace and learn how to write each letter. Bristol paper is what I use for my final pieces. It’s smooth, very white and is a thick, sturdy piece of paper. I buy it in the bigger size and cut to the precise size that I need. You can find this paper at your local crafts store.

calligraphy paper

Until recently, I couldn’t find a whole lot of online resources for modern calligraphy, so I bought these two books and magazine. Molly Suber Thorpe’s Modern Calligraphy book has taught me so much about how to take care of my nibs and supplies, different projects to use calligraphy with, and a whole section just on letters and the different ways to write each one.

Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy is also a great book to read and learn from (I’m still reading through it) as well as this issue of Uppercase. Inside it has many resources as well as other calligraphers and their sites so you can learn and take in all the inspiration that they offer. It’s a visually stunning magazine and I am glad to have it in my collection.

calligraphy books

Paper Ink Arts is my favorite online store to shop for all my goodies. Here is my rewards link to Paper Ink Arts if you want to help a girl out. ;)

paper ink arts magazine

Stay tuned for some tips + tricks, a free Calligraphy 101 PDF I put together, and more links to all things calligraphy in an upcoming blog post. (psst…here is that post!) Until then, have a glorious week!

Peace + love, Jaclyn