Create: Autumn Bunting

I have realized my Wednesday posts are becoming my Create/DIY posts. And I am okay with that. :) I have been feeling really inspired lately by the changing season and all the new friends I have been making through photography and just living downtown. Wichita is turning out to be one rad place to live it.

Autumn is my favorite time of the year and I thought for today’s Create post I would share with you how I make my bunting. It all started last year when my friend Karen and I had a booth at The Red Barn Outdoor Market. We made some adorable spring like bunting and that has carried over to me wanting to make more for different seasons. First up, autumn!

What you will need:

  1. A few different fabric pieces
  2. Pinking Shears
  3. Chalk
  4. Quilt binding
  5. Pins
  6. Sewing machine (or in my case, a friend)
  7. Thread to match your binding

Lay out your fabric choices and see if they all go together. Or do what I did and I went to the fabric store and laid them out in the aisle to see what I liked.


I like to draw my triangles out with chalk so I can see how much fabric I will be using.

chalk lines on fabric

Make sure your kitty cat doesn’t run away with your chalk!

posy reaching for orange chalk

Begin cutting with your pinking shears different sizes of triangles.

cutting fabric

I cut about 5-6 different sized pieces of each fabric. I wanted to make sure I had enough for my big 8 foot wide window that I plan to hang it in.

fabric cut into triangles

Grab your quilt binding (aka binding tape) and unwind it from its package.

quilt binding

Begin laying out the fabric on your table. I like to spread out each color of fabric along with each size in their own piles. Then taking one from each I place them along the quilt binding.

laying out fabric

Slide the fabric in between the fold of the quilt binding. Grab your pins and start pinning!

pinning fabric onto quilt binding

After I had all my fabric pinned to the quilt binding I folded it up in a bag and took it to my friend Karen’s house where she has a sewing machine. We used orange thread to blend with the orange binding, but feel free to do a contrasting color if you want!

sewing fabric

While at Karen’s I also used her iron to iron out the lines from the fabric.

sewing fabric

Once all sewed and ironed I taped my bunting across my big ol’ window.

finished bunting hanging in window

I think it looks pretty darn cute! One thing I wish I would of done (knowing I wanted to hang it in the window) was to double up on the fabric. That way it would really stand out against the window. But it’s okay, because for my future homes I will just hang it on a wall and it won’t look bad. :)

finished bunting hanging in window

Peace + love, Jaclyn