Create: Bandit Halloween Costume

Halloween is just days away and I am finishing up my costume today with the last detail. This year T and I will be bandits!! I got this idea from this blog. It was easy to put together and I only needed to make one thing…the money bag!

To make the money bag you will need:

  1. Craft store canvas bags
  2. Black acrylic paint
  3. Paint brush
  4. Pencil OR Sharpie
  5. $ Stencil
  6. Light table OR Scissors

supplies for making money bag

After I printed off the $ stencil I taped it to my light table. If you do not have a light table, feel free to cut out the $ sign and outline onto bag with sharpie.

tape paper to light table

Place canvas bag over light table.

bag over light table

Using a soft leaded pencil (2B or softer) begin to trace the $ sign.


Take bag off light table and insert a piece of cardboard, or in my case, a thick piece of paper. That way if the paint seeps through (which it did) it won’t get on the other side of bag.

paper in bag

Get a bit of black acrylic paint on paintbrush.

black acrylic paint

I began by tracing the edges and filling in the rest. It took me about 10-15 minutes to complete one $ sign.

start painting

Repeat on second bag and voila! You have money bags!

finished money sign

This is Tanner’s outfit minus his pants and shoes.

t’s outfit

Here is my outfit!

j’s outfit

black pants // black striped tee // black mask // black beanie // canvas bag // black gloves // shoes

This Halloween happens to land on Final Friday here in Wichita, so you can bet I’ll be out and about with my friends dressed up and checking out some local art!

Peace + love, Jaclyn