Create: Mini Photo Frame

Feeling crafty? I am! I started this craft last year when I painted this frame. It wasn’t until this past summer that I finally made it into something useful. ha! And today I want to share it with you.

I found this piece at my mom’s house and thought it needed an update of color. I am still in my white/cream phase, so I figured a nice coat of cream paint would look nice with the hardware. So let’s get to painting!

You will need:

  1. frame
  2. spray paint
  3. screw driver + baggy
  4. towel
  5. fresh air

photo frame before

Remember to take off all hardware and store in a baggy until your project is dry. We don’t want to be losing screws and screw up our project now do we? :)

photo frame hardware

I bought my spray paint at Wal-Mart to use on this frame, but you can use any color you want.

spray paint

Remember to put down a towel or tarp to paint on. Don’t do what I did here with the paper towels because bits of paint will still go through to the concrete. Duh! (it is okay to have a brain fart every once in a while).

A handy-dandy spray paint holder will be wonders for your fingers!

spray paint

It will also help with spraying light even coats onto the frame.

photo frame being painted

Let each coat dry in between sprays.

photo frame being painted

Badda-boom! Your frame is dry and you have attached the hardware back on. Good job!

photo frame after

I let this frame sit and collect dust for months until I moved into my new apartment and got an Instax Mini 8 camera. It then became necessary for me to hang and share my little photo prints and I had a light bulb moment to make this frame into just that! Ding!

Now onto the fun part!

You will need:

  1. pretty frame
  2. hammer
  3. sawtooth hanger + tiny nails
  4. string
  5. scissors
  6. baby clips
  7. tape
  8. nail
  9. a good place to hang it when you are done!


Begin by cutting 4 equal lengths of string. Spacing them out evenly inside the frame.

string and scissors

Turn over your frame and tape each end to the wood. Securing it with multiple pieces of tape. I used washi tape to make the photos cute, but I suggest scotch tape.

photo frame and tape

While your frame is turned over, grab your hammer and attach the sawtooth hanger to one end.

photo frame and hammer

Then begin to lay out your prints and clipping them onto the string. Bam! That was easy.

photo frame with string and prints

photo frame with prints clipped onto string

Take your nail and hammer it into the wall so you can hang your beautiful piece of art!

photo frame hung on wall

close up of photos

Beginning to end.

photo frame process

I hope this was fun for you. It’s something simple and easy that I like to do to reuse things I already own. It’s fun to buy new things, but even more fun to repurpose them!

Peace + love, Jaclyn