Creative Folks: Jessica Wasson

Hello all! Today is a wonderful day for another Creative Folks! I am happy to share with you all a childhood friend of mine, Jessica. We met in Sunday School and would hang out a bit outside of that (not much you can do as 10 year olds with no car, ha!), but I can say that I will always remember that she was the funny girl in class that would always put a smile on your face. She taught me the ‘cousin it’ with your hair and I will forever be grateful for that one Jess, thanks! Oh, and I took these photos of her a few weeks back and we had a blast. Enjoy getting to know her!

What is the first significant thing you did this morning?

I consolidated my student loans! I’ve been putting it off and it feels good to finally get my life in gear after graduating!


What inspires you? When are you happiest?

I am inspired by others around me even if I do not know them. I get trapped in my own brain and become narrow minded, when I see how other people live or treat other people, it makes me want to be a better person. I’m definitely happiest when I am entertaining people. I absolutely love cooking for people as well as making people laugh.


What are you trying to teach yourself right now?

I am trying to teach myself how to be an adult without losing my inner child. My college journey took 7 years and I have been school free for 6 months. I now work for myself as an independent creative and being my own boss has been quite the experience. I am working on time management, cash flow and billing, but I like to even out the adulthoodness by watching “Space Jam” at the same time.


What is your favorite memory and what does it say about you?

My favorite memory would have to be sailing at El Dorado Lake with my mom and dad. They live in Georgia now and I don’t get to see them often. When we went sailing we would listen to Oldies and talk about life, I would sing and make up songs and they would be great encouragers. I’ve been told that I am an “old soul” more often than not and I believe it’s because of these moments.


Describe one accomplishment you’ve achieved. Describe one challenge that you have faced.

My biggest accomplishment has been Graduating from Wichita State University with my Bachelors in Graphic Design. If I had a dollar for every time I wanted to quit school I wouldn’t have any debt! When I was 18 and entered the university I thought I knew what it was that I wanted but turns out I didn’t know at all. I bounced around from program to program until I took a true risk and joined the Graphic Design department. It was a risk because I never considered myself as an artist, I was more of a performer. I had artistic tendencies but never thought of myself as a designer. The further I got into the program the more I discovered that this was apart of who I am, a Designer!


What is the last thing you did for work?

I updated brochure content for a very fancy bank!


And just for fun, what animal would you like to experience being for a day?

My cat, Sir Walter. He can jump high and be an asshole all day and people still love him… apparently, cats are allowed to be jerks, it’s what they are known for….I wouldn’t mind being allowed to be a jerk for a day.

Thank you again Jessica!

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