Creative Folks: Johanna Patton

Hello kitty cats! I am very excited for this weeks Creative Folks profile! It’s of my new and awesome friend, Johanna. I also met her through Instagram where we would talk about calligraphy and photography. I just love meeting new friends through social media. :) We then first met at our first photography hang out this past May. She was oh so cute and kind to let us take photo of her as we walked through the nature center. Since this summer she has taken on the most wonderful lifestyle over in Europe! Europe people! I love following her adventures and seeing the amazing places she visits and people she meets. Truly living a wonderful life right now and I am thrilled she is on the blog today! So without further ado…meet Johanna.



What is the first significant thing you did this morning?

The first significant thing I did this morning was going through my photos from these past three months.

This probably doesn’t make much sense since it’s a little out of context, but I left the united states on august 10th to spend a year in Europe and I’ve been fortunate enough to visit a few different countries since I’ve gotten here- Germany, Italy, France, and now Spain(!!!!)

And since then:

I’ve met angels

I’ve been welcomed as a family member to people I hardly knew

I’ve gone to beautiful places

I’ve been lonely and lost and loved

I’ve had the most awakening experience of my life

And when I go through my photos I feel different emotions from each day, city, and moment in which I was engulfed.

And you know what? I actually started crying because the fact that I’m so blessed to have experienced this at nineteen gave me a slap on the face-I’m living the life, right now, that I have worked for last year. and I’m still so young. I have so many more places to go. and I am so grateful.

But more than anything I just hope that people who want to do this DO IT because reaching the other side of the world is so much attainable than what we think it is.

What a beautiful, beautiful life we’re able to create for ourselves.



What inspires you? When are you happiest?

This whole world inspires me. God. My three little brothers. The attainability of achieving my dreams inspires me. Languages, people, laughter. That all must sound very dry, but when I think of each of those things individually, and they each have a very special part of my heart.

Also, people who care. People who believe in you. They’re some of the angels in this world, I think. Don’t forget to love on them because anyone who believes in you is remarkable.

And, I think I’m happiest when I’m dancing

Speaking to strangers

When someone takes the time to listen

Watching people care for each other



What are you trying to teach yourself right now?

To appreciate everything as they come and not compare them to last year, or the year before that, or the year before that. To not compare “things” to other “things”, and to simply take them as they are. To live in the present.

And living this way has made me a happier person .



What is your favorite memory and what does it say about you?

I think one of my favorite memory is being kissed on the cheeks in the morning by my little brother, Daniel, and hearing him say, “Good morning, nana! I love you!”

Another might be the moment I decided to meet people in my hostel in Venice. The hostel was more like a home and they always had supper around a big dining table and the staff would prepare pasta and wine. I was still feeling a little timid because I was there by myself and was sitting on the couch which was right next to the table, but much more secluded-more like a living room and no one was around. and then I decided I was bored with being timid and I just wanted to meet people, so I got up, sat down next to the group of people eating supper-which I’m quite sure had been already acquainted with each other, and asked where they were from. That night we ended up calling each other by their countries so we didn’t have to feel bad about forgetting their names, and so in total we had: Canada, England, Hungary, Greece, Argentina, Australia, and several more I know I’m forgetting. Everyone called me “Kansas”, but really we were all there to laugh, to experience, to explore. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, we’re just people in the end.

Another one of my favorite moments would also have to be when I was in Barcelona at one of my best friend’s house. We were tired and lazy all day-we slept in, had a 2:30 spanish lunch, sang a lot, ate swedish candy, practiced “youth” by daughter on the guitar, took a nap during siesta-we originally wanted to go to the beach after our snooze but we decided to stay in because I had to catch the train that night. I remember leaving the room and looking out of the doorway to my left and heard some kind of singing. We went together and her family was all outside, playing elton john on the guitar, sitting on their balcony that overlooked the city of Barcelona as the sun was setting. I could see both the city, the sea, and the sun. They were laughing, singing, smiling-there little tea candles that were lit, toast on the grill.. it’s very difficult for me to describe how important this moment made me feel but the only way I can really describe it as feeling as if I’m a part of something.


Describe one accomplishment you’ve achieved. Describe one challenge that you have faced.

I was sad for some while because I was transitioning into my different lives so rapidly, and I was sad. I was sad about the “lives” I was leaving behind and (referring also to your other question!) Stopped comparing my “lives” in different countries-and became much happier. Also, it gets tiring being sad so I found it easier to just be happy and thankful instead.


What is the last thing you did for work?

I now work for the family I’m living with by giving four children English lessons. Yesterday I gave lessons, and I now have the weekend off. :)


And just for fun, what animal would you like to experience being for a day?

Anything rather big and snuggly and something in which people would want to rub your belly and love on you. That would be awesome.

Thank you again Johanna!

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