Creative Folks: Karen Cox

I met Karen in Mrs. Russel’s first grade classroom. We both were quiet and I noticed she liked to draw all the time. I too liked drawing, so we became friends. We hung out quite often growing up. I LOVED going to her house over the summer where we played from dawn to dusk. Mostly playing orphans who ran away with the gypsies, always creating some sort of craft or art project, and even having an encounter with a skunk where we had to grab her littlest sisters and run away! hehe. In High School, Karen got me to sign up for Mr. Hilgers art class and I am so glad she did. I give a lot of props to her for me becoming the artist I am today. I’ve always had it in me, but it was she and Mr. H who encouraged me to pursue it. :)

Now as adults living in our own homes, we still make time to dress up and have afternoon tea, make art projects, and throw fun parties for our friends. Thank you Karen for being my best friend and I am so glad I get to share your amazingness with everyone today. Her photos in this post are ones I took of her family along with her studio. Enjoy!

BTW, she’s so crafty she typewrote (is that a word?) her answers and sent them to me! So cool.

typewritten answers

What is the first significant thing you did this morning?

Cuddling with my sleepy husband before going to get my two (very happy to be awake at 6am) little boys.

Karen + Matt playing with their boys

Karen holding her baby

What inspires you? When are you happiest?

I am inspired by the weird things in life. A spider web, the way popcorn ceilings turn 3D if you stare too long, shiny beetle bugs, Halloween, walnuts, watching how a storm cloud grows, using a mirror to walk on the ceilings, my family and some of my friends :) When I am with my weird people I am happiest, because I know they don’t mind me being weird too.

Karen’s studio

karen’s studio

What are you trying to teach yourself right now?

Parent training, which is my side of potty training my 3 year old. You must learn how to communicate effectively, how to use propaganda, bribery, and coercion, and how to reward them without spoiling them rotten. My respect goes to mothers who have already done this!

karen sewing in her studio

drawer of colorful thread

What is your favorite memory and what does it say about you?

Well, my cliche’ favorite would be my wedding day, but most of my favorite memories are from my childhood; running around outside and making fairy houses with my sisters.

shelves of fabric

shelves of fabric

Describe one accomplishment you’ve achieved. Describe one challenge that you have faced.

Having my own business! And it is doing art for a living! Recently I have been battling copycats who literally copy/paste/sell my designs as their own. :(

closet full of black maternity shirts

What is the last thing you did for work?

Paint, paint, paint, paint, paint, paint….repeat.

painting palette

And just for fun, what animal would you like to experience being for a day?

A caterpillar/butterfly combo would be great. Imagine nothing but eating your favorite food and then one day BAM! Butterfly! Beautiful and free flying whimsy. ;)

pressed wildflowers

Karen + Matt playing with their boys

Thank you again Karen!

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Peace + love, Jaclyn