Creative Folks: Neal Dieker

I met Neal back in May when several other Wichita photographers got together to photograph a couple who were expecting their first baby. I look back on that time as a wonderful evening where I made some amazing new friends. Since then, we have had a handful of other get togethers where we all teach one another a bit on how we take our photographs, deal with clients, and geek out over camera gear. I think I can say for all of us, on those evenings, that Neal takes a leader role in making the evening eventful and fun. For only being a professional photographer for a year and a half, he sure does know a lot!

I also had the pleasure of second shooting with him last weekend at a wedding. We worked really well together and got to bounce cool ideas off one another for poses of the beautiful bride and handsome groom. I look forward to working together again!


What is the first significant thing you did this morning?

Kissed my wife, who’s pregnant with our second girl, goodbye, and prayed for my sleeping daughter as I passed her room.

neal’s wife

What inspires you? When are you happiest?

People and their stories inspire me. We all have our own unique story…I love hearing about the experiences others have had and how it’s shaped who they have become. I’m happiest when I’m creating photographs of these people, and…anytime I’m with my wife and daughter.

little girl and grandpa standing in field

What are you trying to teach yourself right now?

It’s a never-ending battle to try and balance everything. 45+ hours at my full-time job, being the husband and father I desire to be, and all my photography work. Right now, though, I find myself trying to learn patience and understanding God’s timing for all the things He’s put in me a yearning to accomplish.

girl sitting on car

girl in floppy hat

What is your favorite memory and what does it say about you?

There’s really so many, but I’m going to have to describe when I became a father. As cliche as it sounds, that day changed my life in an incredible way. Suddenly I was blessed with the opportunity to be the father I always envisioned myself being. Now, almost three years later, it’s hard to believe how big she is and how my love for her continues to grow. Such a blessing to see our next little girl come as well!

girl looking at camera

Describe one accomplishment you’ve achieved. Describe one challenge that you have faced.

I’ve recently announced my book, Patchwork America. This has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences since I picked up my camera a year and a half ago. It will continue to be a challenge because it’s only the beginning of what I have planned and will accomplish. Incredibly excited to show the world my plans…this is where the patience as I mentioned earlier comes in! :)

old man working with wood

What is the last thing you did for work?

I’ll talk about photography here because everyone would fall asleep if I explained what I did at my full-time job. Haha.

I narrowed down photos that will be telling the stories of my subjects in my book. These photos are so dear to me and I know they’ll touch so many others hearts. The subjects of my books are truly incredible people.


And just for fun, what animal would you like to experience being for a day?

I’d like to be some kind of bird for a day. Not that I like birds, actually they creep me out, but I’d like to be able to fly over amazing places across the world.


Thank you again Neal!

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Peace + love, Jaclyn