Creative Folks: Tobias Breer

Hello kitty cats! I am very happy to introduce my new friend, Tobias, for todays Creative Folks. Just like a few of these people, I met Tobias at our first Monday night photography group back in May. Johanna and I were instantly drawn to taking photos with Tobias and learning about his travels. Then at our second meet up, Johanna, Cassoday and myself stayed until after the sun had set and well into the dark night skies talking about life, photography, traveling, and all sorts of things in the warm Kansas breeze. I always have wonderful chats with Tobias. He is full of so much knowledge and loves to share it with everyone. Thank you Tobias for being a part of my blog today.

What is the first significant thing you did this morning?

Today, I got Photoshop CS6 [it is as amazing as I hoped it would be], ate some delicious food, listened to some vinyl that matched my mood perfectly, and lazed around most of the day. It has been a sensational day, but by far the most significant thing that I did was every minute spent with my wife: from waking up together, cooking together, jammin’ out, and discussing what we want to shape our future lives to be like. I couldn’t ask for anything more significant or meaningful than that.


What inspires you? When are you happiest?

Good books, gourmet food, adventure (especially capturing it on film), and music are significant inspirations for me. I would have to say that I am happiest when I am doing any one of those things.


What are you trying to teach yourself right now?

I have been working on seeing the beauty that exists in imperfection. On that note, this fall’s Kinfolk is a wonderful read. As part of this, I have been working towards letting more imperfection into my photography. Now that photographers have the ability to fix literally almost anything in Photoshop, it’s nice to take a step back and realize that you don’t need to fix all the imperfections. One big thing that has helped me with this is shooting film, which for myself I try to keep outside of the Photoshop and retouching world. The interesting thing is that once you let imperfections into your pictures, more often than not they wind up being enhancements to the artistic value of the photography and not really imperfections at all. To start practicing this even more, I am currently planning a project with my best friend to shoot and print some cyanotype and gum prints which we are going to hand bind into one-off ‘zines. Can’t wait!


What is your favorite memory and what does it say about you?

There is not one memory in particular that I could call a favorite, but my set of memories and experiences from traveling are together my favorite memory. When you travel, it is a life-changing experience that is heightened when you try to live for a short time as someone in that place might live. I love trying to leave predispositions and stereotypes behind when traveling so I can try to experience a place and the people who call it home as fully as possible. For me, travel has taught me a lot and shaped a good position of who I am today. To be honest, I am not sure what this says about me, but I think it might show my love for learning and culture.


Describe one accomplishment you’ve achieved. Describe one challenge that you have faced.

In the spring of 2013, my [now] wife and I were in the midst of wedding planning. As those of you who have done this can attest, it is a fabulously laborious thing to do. While planning, we went back and forth about what we should do for pre-wedding photographs. [Koreans, in addition to wedding day pictures, typically have a photo shoot a month or so before their wedding to get most of the bridge/groom photos out of the way. This cuts down on the time and stress on your actual wedding day]. After weeks of dialogue, my wife and I decided to do self-wedding photos. Self-portraiture was a whole new area of photography for me at that time, but we decided to do the best we could as see what would happen. In the end, we took pictures with four wedding dresses, three suits, five locations, three types of film, and five different cameras. It took months to plan and take all the pictures, which was a huge challenge, but in the end we got pictures that are very near and dear to our hearts. The set of wedding photos that we took is called, “The Masterpiece” because for me it represents my magnum opus.

wedding photos

What is the last thing you did for work?

I audited an accounting control to determine if brokered commodity trades were being accounted for correctly. It’s not as artsy as I would like at times, but it allows me to support my photography, film, and music addiction.

And just for fun, what animal would you like to experience being for a day?

I would be any sort of sea creature. Maybe a whale? I find the ocean fabulously mysterious and uncharted. At some point, I hope to fulfil this wish in a vicarious way by sailing a lot.


Thank you again Tobias!

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