Film Adventures No. 05

Hello kitty cats! Today is a wonderful day. Wanna know why? Because I got my film scans back this weekend!!! Wohoo!! This gal is excited. :) If you want to check out my first set of scan, go here. I sent four rolls to Indie Film Lab and out of those four, I would say a total of three rolls worth of film came out really well. About 30 photos were just bad (total user error), but I am happy a lot came out awesome. I don’t want to have a long ass blog post on all the photos, so I’ll start with the first outing I photographed. Monday Night Shoot with my favorite fellow photographers.

portra 400 sunflower girls

portra 400 amanda sunflower

portra 400 amanda sunflower

portra 400amanda

portra 400 amanda putting her hair up

portra 400 amanda putting hair up

Even tho it’s out of focus I really like it.

portra 400 christina

portra 400 christina

I think I have joined the group of film folks who get unexpected double exposers. :)

portra 400 double exposure

portra 400 couple

Things I would do differently for my next rolls: keep better track of the settings. I did really well on my first two rolls, but got out of the habit with these. And I really want to know my settings! lol. Overall, another great experience with my Canon AE1.

Peace + love, Jaclyn

Film used: Kodak Portra 400