Film Adventures No. 3

Yesterday I am in the grocery store when I look at my phone to see I have an e-mail from Indie Film Lab. The butterflies start fluttering and I get real nervous. I get nervous because it’s my first rolls of film scans sitting there waiting to be opened! EEK! Let me tell ya, nerve wracking times ten!

I finish my grocery shopping and rush home to start up my computer (it felt especially slow to start this time around) and open my email. About the time it boots up and I am downloading the zip file to open my scans Tanner walks through the front door to find me biting my nails. He can tell I am nervous and asks what’s going on. I tell him my film scans are in and I start sputtering out all the ways it could go wrong about how probably every photo is blown out or too dark, the list goes on in my anxious state. He holds my hand and tells me we can look together.

I click the folder…

cassoday standing in middle of overpass

kristyn holding canon ae1

kristyn and jaclyn wrapped in blanket

amanda looking off in distance


Really love this next photo because it’s of my youngest brother in his new apartment building.

tim standing in glass overpass

blurry photo of hat on girl

arleigh soaking up the sun

arleigh in field

allie in sunglasses

girl with cat in field

posy on couch

posy on couch

I love my Posy girl.

posy on floor


antique shopping

sky and side of building looking up

water droplets on plant next to dress and shoes looking down


record album store

Why yes, that is a zombie friend of mine looking through the record albums. :)

zombie chelsea at record album store


cute couple

These are just some of my favorites from the two rolls of film. I am very pleased with how they turned out. Tho some are out of focus (user error) I am glad I am trying something new in photography, even if the technique is very old. :)

I love that, while looking through my scans last night, I captured some great memories of my family and friends.

Since I sent these rolls in two weeks ago I have already finished two more rolls. I am almost done with my third and will send all three in next week. Then another waiting game begins. Now that I know my camera works, has a good in-camera light meter, and nothing bad happened…well, besides when I went to wind up the film (I didn’t push the release button on the bottom of camera and the film strip came off of the canister!), I am ready to add this bad boy into my routine of taking peoples photos. Again, not all photos will turn out the way I plan it to, but that’s okay with me. It’s a fun experiment each time I release the shutter.

Canon AE1, you are going to be a great adventure.

Peace + love, Jaclyn

P.S. I used these films: Portra 400 film and Kodak BW film