Happy Mail No. 05

Hello kitty cats! How are you today? Happy that spring is here? I sure am! Though, yesterday we got some rain and hail. I love rain, just not hail. So when I saw on the weather that we were expecting some I ran out to my car to put it in the parking garage to cover it up. And boy was I lucky. I had literally just started driving towards the parking garage when the hail started coming down, once in the garage all “hail” broke loose and I was trapped in my car because everyone else driving zoomed under cover too. ha! While waiting, I witnessed some guy in a sports car get mad at a guy in a big ass truck trying to park in a parking spot. Oh silly people with big vehicles, you can’t and shouldn’t try to push your way into that tiny spot when the rest of us just want to take cover from the hail. Anyway, once the hail stopped I was able to park my car and run back inside to have some dinner. Whew.

For today, I am sharing another Happy Mail! Wohoo! I love getting these in my mailbox every month.

happy mail

March’s kit contents:

8 Cards

8 Envelopes

1 Post card

1 Art Print

1 Sheet of Word Poetry Stickers

1 Shopping List Notepad

2 Pink Tags

2 Yellow Tags

2 Orange Tags

happy mail

Cat and a dog to make the animal lovers happy. :)

happy mail

I love that there is a birthday card, blank card, inspirational card in each months package. Makes it easy for me when I have a need for one of them.

happy mail

This month’s shiny cards are in rose gold. Ooh! Ahhh!

happy mail

happy mail

Stickers to help me get organized!

happy mail

I adore this shopping list! (minus the meat section of course!). I normally use an app on my phone (google keep) with T, but having a fun list like this will work wonderfully when I am planning a party, and you know I love throwing me some parties!

happy mail

What do you think about this month’s Happy Mail? Anything you like in it? Want me to send you a card? Just let me know and I would love to pick a card to send ya. I love snail mail. :)

Peace + love, Jaclyn

P.S. This isn’t a sponsored post or anything, I just love the girls at ABM and I love their Happy Mail.