Happy Mail No. 02

Happy National Handwriting Day! Remember my first Happy Mail post back in November? Well, today I bring you December’s Happy Mail. With all the holiday’s I totally forgot to share it with you. Ahh! I also have a funny story to go along with it. Well, not really funny, but cool nonetheless. Here’s the story: when the package arrived I was giddy because there was going to be an awesome camera card that I was looking forward to (FYI, the ladies at A Beautiful Mess always do an unveiling of the cards and I had already watched it). But sadly, it was not there, along with 2 envelopes that weren’t there either. So I contacted them and they said that all the shipments got mixed up so they were sending everyone the items they were missing asap.

About a week later I receive another whole set of mail, which at first I was like cool, but then I had to message them to let them know the 2nd mistake (and that I didn’t want to pay for it). They apologized again and said it I wouldn’t be charged and I could keep it. Obvi. :) So even tho it was a bit of a mix and mess up, I received two sets. And that’s cool with me, because now I have more cards to send and give as gifts.

I appreciate the honesty from the people at ABM and their quick replies to my messages. Again, even tho there was mix-ups, they handled it really well and I will continue getting their Happy Mail Subscription.

happy mail

December’s kit contents:

7 Cards

1 Post Card

7 Envelopes

1 Art Print of the United States

2 Sticker Sheets

1 Texting Notepad

happy mail

Fun stickers that will go on my folders.

happy mail

Sign language saying ‘Thinking of you.’

happy mail

Stay tuned for January’s Happy Mail. I made sure to get photos of it as soon as it came in. :)

Peace + love, Jaclyn

P.S. This isn’t a sponsored post or anything, I just love the girls at ABM and I love mail.

P.S.S. Because it’s National Handwriting Day and if you are thinking about writing some letters or practice some calligraphy, check out my posts on calligraphy here!