Happy Mail No. 03

Hello kitty cats! I’m back with this month’s Happy Mail. Yipee! So far this is my favorite…I think. They are all good, but that “Let’s Make Out” and the Sunglasses Dude are some pretty awesome cards! I know exactly who I’m giving them too. :) I also love the “Welcome Home” card, because my sister just bought a house and I gave her that card! I love that this subscription has so many different types of cards. Lots of blank/all purpose cards, birthday cards, and fun cards (like that cute long dachshund dog card). And the fun surprises (i.e. pads of paper, tags, art print). Anyway, check out the photos I took of them and let me know if you love cards too!

happy mail

January’s kit contents:

8 Cards

8 Envelopes

1 Art Print of cheese

1 Sticker Sheet

3 Sets of 2 colored gift tags

1 Love Coupon Pad

happy mail

Oh, and the camera card that was accidentally left out of last month’s subscription was in this month’s!

happy mail

Mmmm…cheese. I don’t eat tons of cheese, but I do have family and friends who do. So I’ll probably give it to one of them. :)

happy mail

Peace + love, Jaclyn

P.S. This isn’t a sponsored post or anything, I just love the girls at ABM and I love their Happy Mail.