Holiday Decor

Christmas is just ten days away. TEN days people! This is definitely a holiday that brings lots of great memories. Growing up we would go chop down a tree right after Thanksgiving as a family and bring it home only to find out it can’t fit in the front door. So naturally my dad would say, “It can fit.” and proceed to squeeze it through. My mom would be the voice of reason and suggest going through the bigger and easier sliding glass back door. So smart mom. :) Once it was in the living room and all tied down the fun would begin! I have so many fond memories of decorating the tree. Each year my parents would go to an ornament exchange party and bring home more decor. I loved it! We would always pick our favorites to hang on the tree or set on the mantle. Something so magical about transforming ones living space into a festive and fun area to be in.

And this year was no different. Being in my first apartment with T is magical just in that fact! So decorating and hanging lights was a lot of fun. I realized I didn’t have much holiday decor a few weeks ago, so I began making my own. :) I’ll have links down at the bottom if your interested. Now onto the photos!

holiday decor

Must have good smelling candles burning! Here is one I found at TJ Maxx. It has a wood wick so it will crackle kind of like a fire…and since we don’t have a fireplace, it’s a good alternate.

candle and pinecone on books

candle and pinecone

My mom brought home pinecones from Tennessee or some state over there I believe a few years ago, so I snagged a few. :)

pinecones on books

I wanted the lights to go all the way around our big window, but we don’t have a ladder.

window and lights

I’ve made a few of these bad boys now, so I thought a Christmas one was needed.



Back of tree with the lights surrounding it is very magical. :)

back of tree

bokeh tree and lights

Tree at night time. Oh, and I got the gold tree at Goodwill 2 years ago. It works out just fine for our little apartment.

christmas tree


Took a few more photos in the day time too.


We don’t have any presents under the tree, but books will do nicely.

red books

And a Posy. :)

Posy under tree

A birthday gift from my sister sitting on top of my favorite gold stripped hat box.

vintage cats calendar

I bought these little guys a few years ago not realizing there were matches inside of them! ha!



We don’t own a tree topper, so we make do. :)



We also put up a few christmas lights in the hallway.


And bedroom.


Oh Posy, you are too cute!


Happy Holidays everyone! From our little family to yours. :)


Similar bunting here

Peace + love, Jaclyn