It's December!

I am quite excited for it to be December, aren’t you!? I started to decorate this past weekend, tho I think I already said that in a previous post. But I am just too darn excited for this time of year. I am almost done with the decor that I want up. So far it’s the gold sparkly tree (yes, we own a gold fake tree thanks to Goodwill two years ago!), bunting (similar to this one I made) and Christmas lights stung up all over the place. All that is left is to make is a wreath and stockings to hang for some good ol’ stocking stuffers. I think I have all the fabric to make it, I just need to find a pattern and sew it up, well, it’s a sock so it can’t be that hard right? Let me know if you know of a good stocking pattern.

I wanted to share a little sneak peek of the tree for you. And of course Posy girl. She just loves to climb in the tree, try to eat it, knock it over, all the things a naughty kitty loves to do. Little by little tho, she is doing it less each day. And that comforts me because by Christmas she’ll ignore it all together! Also, we don’t have any presents under the tree so books, fake flowers, a hat box, and a cat calendar from my sister will have to do. Along with a makeshift tree skirt consisting of scrape fabric. Which, by golly, is the fabric I want to use for the stockings! Oyi with the poodles already! Oh well, I will figure it all out and have some pretty decorating photos for you this month.

cat by tree

Eek! Christmas is THREE weeks away and New Years Eve is just FOUR! So much to do this month.

Until next time lovelies, have a wonderful evening, day, morning, etc. :)

Peace + love, Jaclyn