Life Lately • April

Hello kittens! Miss me? I missed you! Life lately has been busy, busy, busy. Between my new job (I have been teaching lots lately!), throwing a party for our friends 30th Birthday (post here) and figuring out where we are moving to (ahh and eek!), life has been crazy and good. I have been throughly enjoying the springtime weather. I’ve hung with friends outdoors, got together with my favorite photography friends, and have had the windows open almost 24/7. Yes, even with the rain we’ve had, I’ve kept them open. I adore the smell of rain! Don’t you?

Yesterday I went to my friend Christina’s house with Karen and we made dream catchers! I’ve never made one before, but Karen brought the sticks, I brought the lace, and Christina provided the yummy snacks. We chatted (ya know, like girls do), strung the string around and around, then decorated them with lace, beads and pretty little things. It was a lot of fun! Check out mine, Christina’s, and Karen’s. Have you ever made one before? I’ve been so inspired by them that today I started doodling dream catchers and making art with them.

I’ve also purchased a scanner, so after the paint dries I’ll have to scan them and see all the cool things I can do with it. I’m thinking making downloadable art prints for you all, adding digital art to them, turning art into cards, oh the possibilities! It’s going to be super cool.

Jaclyn of Lovely to meet you

Anyway, I cannot wait to share the party photos. There’s a lot, so narrowing it down to just enough for a blog post (or two!) is hard!

Until next time, keep up with my adventures over on my Instagram feed. I share day to day things on it along with other random inspiration. :)

Peace + love, Jaclyn

P.S. Photos by the lovely Allie of Allie Burns Photography