Lovely to meet you turns ONE

Hello kitty cats. Guess what? Today marks Lovely to meet you’s FIRST Birthday!!! What to the what what?! It’s crazy to think that this idea of LTMY was, like, three years ago, and it took me a long while to get it up and going. But alas, I hit publish one year ago and started out strong. I did three posts a week for many months, then it began to slow down, to the point of only a few posts a month. Argh. I did not realize just how hard blogging can be. But I also found out that it’s okay to take a break, the only bad thing, was that I didn’t let you all know I was doing so, and for that I am sorry. I can’t make promises that I’ll get back to three posts a week, but I can promise that I will get better and let you know what’s up, because everyone loves a good head’s up right? :)


What I’ve Learned (Big Picture Stuff):

  • It’s okay to not know what I’m are doing. That’s what Google and T are for. :) I google until I have a question that it won’t answer, then I go to T for help. He’s awesome like that.
  • It’s okay if my blog is small and it grows slow. I’m just excited to have some followers and create cool blog posts for you all.
  • It’s better to put up no content than terrible content, but it’s also nice to put posts up regularly…which I have not done these past few months (I will get better at that).
  • Always thank my readers. You guys are awesome for taking a few minutes out of your day to read what I’ve done. Thank you!


What I’ve Learned (The Small Stuff):

  • Be organized! Plan out photos ahead of time (trust me, it’ll save you a lot of headache when you want to take photos in natural light and it’s stormy out Jaclyn).
  • Natural lighting and good composition are way more important than the camera you’re using. People have told me they love my photos and it makes me feel good, since I’m using my very old Rebel T1i for the photos.
  • Pinning my own photos is not a selfish thing to do, it’s okay to promote myself.
  • Make my profile photo the same on all social media. Err…I should go do that right meow!
  • Set up a blog calendar to get more organized. I recently bought an actual planner (blog post to come) and I am very excited to use it!


Goals for Year Two:

  • Push myself with new content.
  • Engage more on social media. Perhaps try this Twitter thing out for realsies!
  • More freebies of art work, cards, etc.
  • Start a shop to sell some of my work.
  • Get better organized and have blog posts ready to go (have even some extra just in case).
  • Attend a blog event? Create one myself?


Some of my favorite posts:

  • Calligraphy Posts. I plan on making more!
  • I really love the Creative Folks posts and would love to interview more people. So if you know of anyone/you want to be a part of it message me: jaclyn at lovelytomeetyou dot com
  • I love throwing parties and will have more to come!

I want to thank you for reading my blog this past year. I hope you found inspiration in it and I hope you continue to as I keep on writing. :) I love this little blog and all that it has been for me, I enjoy blogging and sharing my art, DIYs, photos with you. I also want you all to know that every comment, like, and share really does make my day, so thank you again for that. Until next time, have a gorgeous day!

Peace + love, Jaclyn

P.S. Photos of moi by: Neal of Neal Dieker Photography and Amber of Jadestreet Photography