Murder Mystery Party 2014

The Murder Mystery Party was so amazing! Everyone was all dazzled up, they got into character, the food was great, the drink was wonderful! So much work went into this party and I couldn’t have done it all without help. So a few quick thank you’s: Karen, thank you for your decorations and help with sewing decor and some outfits. Travis for bringing your poker chips and making sure everyone got equal amount to bribe with throughout the evening. Becky, thank you for bringing the drinks and making them with help of your husband, Jacob, also a huge thank you for staying after the party and cleaning up with me! And Tanner, for helping me decorate and waking up early the next morning to finish up the cleaning. You are the best. One more thank you goes out to everyone who came. You all did a smashing job and I can’t wait for next years party!

Now onto the photos…first we have the envelopes for each guest. Inside there was their name tag and drink card that matched, objectives for the first half of the evening and $$ (in poker chips).

Party supplies

A few “casino” games to get people gambling and ready for the party.

Party games

Posy in her bowtie to greet the guests (thank you Amy for letting me borrow it!).

Posy in bowtie

The food!! Ahh! The food was soooo good. A friend of mine, Lindsay, is starting her own catering company called Firefly Food. It was so good and super delicious. Hopefully she will have a facebook page and/or website up soon because she is amazing!

  1. Soy Free
  2. 100% Vegan
  3. Gluten Free
  4. Grain/Legume Free
  5. Corn Free
  6. Refined Sugar Free

Casino sign

We had lavender vanilla cheesecake, sushi rolls, curried “chicken” salad in mini peppers, and tostadas.

triptych photo of food

photo of food

We also had some not so healthy options, but come on, it’s a Halloween party. Gotta have some candy and sweets!

triptych photo of food

Becky and Jacob took care of the drinks. The guys liked the Old Fashioned and the ladies enjoyed the Apple Sidecar.


Let the murder mystery party begin!

drink and elvis heart tattoo


After the murder happened (it was Tanner’s character), Agent Avery (Caitlin) read the next set of rules and everyone got a second envelope with more objectives.

after murder

Everyone trying to figure out who the murderer is!



It was Hustling Hailey (aka Karen)!!


Here I am reading the awards. Best Dressed went to Elvis (Abram). Best Performer went to Mimi Martini (Becky). The most amount of money went to Paul Piano (Matt). And 3 people figured out who the murderer was! Way to go Security Sam (Thayne), Jack Black (Travis) and Ace High (Tanner)!

me reading awards

We also had a photo booth of sorts. Here is everyone!


Thank you again everyone for being a part of this amazing party. I had a lot of fun and can’t wait for next year (see 2015’s party post here).

Here is a gallery to the first part of party.

Here is the second gallery with the photo booth photos.

Peace + love, Jaclyn