Music No. 1

Hello hello hello! I found the jack pot today with albums! 34 albums for $20 (plus an iron). In our apartment complex if someone leaves their stuff our landlord sells it all. It’s called an Apartment Sale. T found out about it last night and today at noon I was up on the third floor ready to see what was inside. And boy did I find some gems. :)

I first saw the two boxes of albums and combing through them. I should of looked around more because there was another guy picking up the turntable for $20 (darn!). But that just meant that I had a head start on the album pickings. I found some real cool ones too! My favorites are The Sound of Music (my mothers favorite movie), Christmas tunes, and Marvin Gaye Live.


I also found 3 box sets. I love me some Nat King Cole and Beethoven. And that red one with the 1940s music was just something that I thought would be awesome to have.


Here is a photo of the first album I bought this summer and the iron I bought today for $1. I was in need of an iron for my craft projects and couldn’t pass it up.


Overall, I think I did a good job and now all I need is a record player! ha! But it’s in the works for a Christmas present for T and I. Now who wants to come jam with us this Christmas??

Peace + love, Jaclyn