Music No. 2

Hello kittens! Remember those albums I bought a few weeks back? Well, well, well…I now have a record player to play them on! Wohoo! On New Year’s Eve my friend, Becky, brought over her old record player for me to have. How sweet is that? Thanks Becky!

It’s old (real old) and a beast, but it’s also in good condition and plays music. That’s all that matters right? lol. It’s our temporary player until we buy the actual one we want and a good sound system.

I also love that it has a cassette player attached to it. ha! Now I am going to have to go to my mom’s house and find some of my old cassettes to play.


Been playing some 1940s Swing Music lately and really digging it. Here’s a video on my Instagram if you want to hear it. :)


A couple albums I keep right next to it for easy playing. I have some MJ, Sound of Music, The Turtles…all great music.


Having a record player is so much fun. It makes me feel like I’m my parents or grandparents when they played records years ago. Kind of nostalgic and brings a whole different level of listening to music.

Any of you out there have record players?

Peace + love, Jaclyn