Nine Years Ago

Since I am heading off to a wedding today, which is also T + my anniversary, I thought I would share what I got him. We opened gifts early since I have to jet this morning. :)


Nine years ago I was at a High School soccer game where I sat next to the cutest boy (I had a pretty major crush on him). We sat pretty close and I ‘pretended’ to be cold so he would put his arm around me (classic girl move). After the game we stood at the rear of my best friend Becky Simmons car where I finally broke the silence, “So what are we?” which T replied, “What do you want us to be?” “I want to be your girlfriend!!” (gah…did he not read all my signals?). He said all right, I gave him a light kiss on the cheek and turned to get in Becky’s car where she drove us home. I laugh because I’m the one who asked him out, but he says I just beat him too it. Ha!

anniversary card

When you are with someone for this long one might think it would be difficult to find a present for the other, but I think differently. I know T pretty darn well and I’d been searching ebay for months to find this sweet Parker 51 aerometric fountain pen. I also had this robot card that you can make your own message on it. We both thought it was pretty rad.

parker 51 fountain pen

The best part about gifting this to him was his reaction. He kept smiling and thanking me all day for his pen. I think I did a pretty good job. :)

parker 51 fountain pen

He immediately filled it with ink and began writing.

parker 51 fountain pen

parker 51 fountain pen

Happy 9th Anniversary darling, it has been a long and wonderful journey with you so far. Thank you for all you do and for loving a silly cat-lady like me.

I love you, Jaclyn