Reading No. 01

Good evening mermaids! I’ve been on a journey to read more books lately and I am having a bit of success. Between pursuing Pinterest at bookshelves (which I am in need of in this apartment) and looking at my own collection of books I have, I am beginning to read again.

books left // top right // bottom right

In October I began reading out loud, Colin Meloy’s Wildwood. Now let me tell you something…Meloy loves big words. ha! I am not the fastest reader (I loathed reading when I was younger…bad I know), so it is taking me a while to get through this book. One because I don’t know a lot of the words and two, reading them out loud slows my rhythm down. I have taken a break from it, but will return soon I’m sure.

The second book I started is The Little Prince. T bought me the french version a few years back, but since I suck at french I bought the english version the other day and began reading it. Well, actually T is reading it out loud to me before bed while I follow along with my french version. It makes me think I am reading french with a sexy man’s voice as my narrator. :) So far, we are both really enjoying it.

books left // top right // bottom right

What are some books you are enjoying this holiday season?

Peace + love, Jaclyn