Reading No. 02

Hello mermaids! Read anything good lately? I have a few books “on deck” for me to read. I am currently reading The Paris Wife by Paula McLain and really enjoying it. McLain writes from the perspective of Ernest Hemingway’s first wife, Hadley Richardson, when they move to Paris as newlyweds in the 1920s. I find myself underlining many lines from the book because McLain writes so beautifully! I’m not quite halfway thru, but wanted to share my books with you all (and to keep myself on track of my list).

And yes, Wildwood is still there. I took a break from it to read other books, but I plan on getting back to it this year. :) I also have The Little Prince, in french, but I got the english version as well and read it all the way thru. I have since lent it to a friend, but wanted to include it because it’s such a great book!


After I finish reading The Paris Wife, I have Beautiful Days (sequel to Bright Young Things) by Anna Godbersen. As well as Blog Inc. by Joy Cho. I read good things about it and hoping it will help me with this blog. It’s always good to read up on whatever hobbies one has, and this blog is my hobby to share with you all the things I love in life. :)

Also, here is my Goodreads page if you want to follow me. I’ll follow you too! I try to update it every so often, but I love that it’s a place to gather all the books you want to read, are reading, and have read in the past. And that you can rate it, write down your thoughts, and keep track of when you start and finish a book. It’s nice to be orderly and organized.

What books are you reading now? What genre are you into?

Peace + love, Jaclyn