Skillshare Class No. 01

Hello kittens! Have you ever heard of Skillshare before? It’s a magical place where you can learn so many things! Calligraphy, lettering, graphic design, indesign, photography, watercolor, the list goes on. I took my first class about two years ago when the site was fairly new. Then I didn’t go back for a while, until last November when they had a great Black Friday (or was it Cyber Monday?) and I did a year membership for super cheap. Since then I’ve done a few classes and wanted to share with you the most recent ones. So here it goes!

I had a lot of fun making my geometric design for this class. I know a bit about Illustrator, but hearing how Christine goes from her sketch to vector was really helpful. Oh, and learning how to copy and rotate? Genius! Thanks for that extremely helpful tip Christine!

STEP ONE // Sketch

I spent about an hour sketching this design. I originally sketched out the phases of the moon on one day, but the next day when I digitized it I kind of forgot and just made them all crescent moons. Oopsies!

skillshare class

STEP TWO // Skeleton

After I scanned in my sketch, I brought it into Illustrator and made my skeleton.

skillshare class


This step was a bit harder than I expected. I had a hard time lining things up (even though I used the center to artboard buttons and such). Perhaps theres a way to not have it stay on the “grid”? Does that make sense? Anyway, I was able to do my best tracing my sketch.

(this is the reason I forgot to make the phases of the moon and went with crescent moons instead)

skillshare class

STEP FOUR // Final Design

I’m pretty happy with it. I might do a little tweaking on it to really line things up, etc. But I like what I came up with for my first design. :)

skillshare class

STEP FIVE // Color

I felt it needed some color. I found some inspiring colors and choose this bright and cheery palette. I spent another hourish playing around with the colors to fill and lines, etc, and ended up with this beauty.

skillshare class

STEP SIX // Pattern

I then decided to make it into a pattern. I’ll probably play around with it more, but liked this one enough to share it here. I might make a simplified version of my desigh to go there inbetween them…yay or nay?

skillshare class

Overall, I really enjoyed this class and making my design. It took me only an hour or two on day one to come up with my design, then a handful of hours on day two to do it all on the computer. Not bad for a fun class!

Peace + love, Jaclyn

P.S. This isn’t a sponsored post or anything, I just want to show the skills that I am learning and Skillshare is a perfect way to learn.