Ten Years Together

Hello kittens! Today marks TEN YEARS of dating my wonderful boyfriend. What!??! That’s just crazy, but an awesome crazy. :) I busted out the memory boxes that holds all the cards, movie tickets, photos, jewelry, etc over the past ten years we’ve been collecting. Here’s a photo of some of the memories:


T, we’ve been to a bajillion movies together, but my favorite movie is the one we’ve been writing for the past ten years. I know that’s super mushy-gushy, but come on, ten years later and I still act like I did the day we started dating; giggly, silly, and mushy-gushy because I am happy I found you so early on in life and have stuck through everything life has thrown at us. Like you wrote me in your letter this morning, “We’ve had our fair share of rough patches these past 10 years, as I imagine most people do. But we’ve always stuck together, not out fear of being alone or just because that’s the way it’s always been, but because we truly care about each other.” And darling, I do care about you. Every day, all day, even when I get upset, I care about you.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the past ten years, you are truly a remarkable man and I am happy we are together.

Love, Jaclyn