Thanksgiving Inspiration

Hello kittens! I am gathering a little bit of inspiration for Thanksgiving this year. Well, I should call it Friensgiving, because this year I am hosting and cooking my FIRST Thanksgiving meal in our apartment. Yippee! It’s weird to think that we have lived here almost a year, but we haven’t had our first Thanksgiving here yet. Weird.

Anyway, I am having my families meal the evening before and on Thursday we are having 8 friends over to have a Vegietarian, gluten and milk free meal. So excited!! Every year since dating Tanner (which has been quite a while now, hehe), he can only ever pick a few things on the table to eat since he can’t have milk or gluten. Two years ago we both were new vegetarians so all the meat and animal products were a no go as well. So this year I told Tanner we were having a meal where he could eat ANYTHING on the table (and every year to come). He is pretty happy about that, plus, Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday.

Went on Pinterest for some inspiration on table decor. I may not be the best chef in this household, but I do know how to make a table look good! I love the rustic vibe going on here with the touches of greenery. I’ll probably make some calligraphy name cards because calligraphy is pretty awesome.

thanksgiving inspration 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

What are some things you do at your family gathering to make things more festive? I hope to hang some Christmas lights up that will then be used for the tree after Thanksgiving (which I am quite excited to decorate!).

Peace + love, Jaclyn